Truman is an adopted cat that was abandoned to my local Humane Society shelter. He is a gorgeous, tuxedo-patterned, part-Maine Coon mass of fluff and love. While naturally a little hesitant with strangers, he quickly warms to the presence of any added humans in our household, though his loyalty is undoubtedly all to me. He isn’t quite a poser, but he certainly isn’t camera-shy, as evidenced by this site. Some of his favorite pastimes include bird-watching from the windows and patio doors (he likes to think even birds as big as he is are totally worth his while), snuggling next to me wherever I might be sitting or sleeping, and supervising any goings-on in the kitchen, even though he doesn’t have any interest in eating people-food.

I am a driven, creative, and cerebral woman currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have an exciting full-time job with a wonderful company, but absolutely enjoy my time spent out of the office and shared with Truman. I consider myself blessed that I was able to both land my fantastic job and adopt my fabulous kitty all in the same year. Both bring boundless fulfillment to my life each and every day.

For more about Truman, continue perusing this site, as well as his social media pages (linked sidebar to the right); for more about me, you can head over to my personal site at liquidstar.org.

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